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Over the last three months we have spent a lot of time patiently waiting. This period of lockdown has tested many people's patience, including my own at times. None of us like to be restricted, even our dogs love to have the freedom to run about and enjoy themselves, they certainly don't like being locked up all day.

I have also witnessed another sort of waiting - people waiting for puppies. The demand for puppies since lockdown has been immense. My waiting list for puppies currently comprises 35 people who are all hoping for that longed for Golden Retriever puppy. Some have been waiting for years to find the right puppy and this period of lockdown has caused people to reassess their lives and what is most important to them. I do intend to have a litter later in the summer but I'm afraid Poppy won't have enough puppies to make everyone happy. I just hope these people waiting won't lose patience and get a puppy from a puppy farmer or one of these online outlets, or even the unscrupulous people who are cashing in on the high level of demand and selling puppies for two or three times their current value. Buying from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder virtually guarantees a puppy that is well raised, healthy and with a good temperament. I go through very close scrutiny by a Kennel Club inspector every three years in order to be accredited as an Assured Breeder and I am proud to be recognised as having such high standards.

I hope that by writing these blogs I can pass on some of my experience as a Golden Retriever owner and breeder and perhaps offer advice to any of you who have any questions about your Goldens. I also hope that you will find this a good place to offer your experience and advice to others here about your dogs. In this way we can learn from each other. If anyone has anything they are itching to discuss then please let me know.

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